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Having problems with the check engine light?

It’s simple – the Check Engine light comes on. The computer monitors all the sensors and uses that information to decide what to adjust such as the fuel mix, spark timing and idle speed. In addition, the computer monitors its own circuits. When it finds a fault, it turns on the Check Engine light and stores a trouble code in the computer.

It can be pretty disturbing when the Check Engine light comes on. We wonder just how urgent it is. Generally speaking, it is not critical like a temperature or oil pressure light. When you get one of those it means STOP NOW! When the Check Engine light shows up, you should get to your Subaru automotive service center to find out what the matter is as soon as possible.

The automotive technicians at SubaPro’s have special diagnostic equipment that will retrieve the trouble code from the computer and help determine what is wrong. From there, they can fix it and get you back on the road.


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